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  • Arrests on Capitol Hill today – including at least one Green Party Peace Activist

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on October 23, 2007

    It’s a Movement, It’s a Party, It’s Resistance on Capitol Hill

    Nonviolent Resistance

    By David Swanson

    Oil towers and windmills in Independence Avenue, all the doors to Congressional Office Buildings blocked, mucic blasting, dancing polar bears, a faux Blackwater patrol, a reborn SDS, traffic blocked by a wall of kids, everyone arrested, traffic restarted, another group blocking the street again, including Ted Glick who still hasn’t eaten, corporate reporters and staffers annoyed they can’t get across the street but rather uninterested in why, chants of Arrest Bush Not Vets and Arrest Bush Not Kids, banners declaring No War No Warming, code pink, billionaires for warming, more dancing polar bears,

    racially and age mixed activists for the first time getting serious and having fun doing it, groups marching in the road and chanting on nearby corners occupying hundreds of Capitol Police (in shorts in October!), equipment confiscated and people (including our friend Zool, who had planned to be arrested later inside the Capitol) arrested haphazardly with no warning, a few people in tears, the old folks learning where the juvenile jail is, and a chant of Resistance Is Forming, No War No Warming. It’s a beautiful day in Washington DC. DemocracyCellProject, Fox, Reuters, Washington Post, WaPo video, CNN, Associated Press, AP version 2, AP version 3, DailyKos, The Hill, watch for news at code pink DC, whynot news, grassrootsamerica, IVAW, al Jazeera, etc… It’s the oil, stupid!

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