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  • Green Party Global Warming Activist on No War No Warming

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on October 24, 2007

    This is written by Green Party Global Warming Activist Ted Glick who has been on a 50 day fast. What he writes here should bring hope and pride to both Greens and Activists all over.
    No War, No Warming Disrupts Capitol Hill

    by Ted Glick

    It’s day 50, 25 days on water-only, followed by 25 days on fruit and
    veggie juices and miso broth, with vitamin and protein supplements.

    I got a big test yesterday of how I’m doing on this liquids-only
    regimen. I was up early in the morning and down to the U.S. Capitol by
    6:30 a.m. to get prepared for our No War, No Warming action. I was
    intensely involved in the for-sure “action” phase of the event from
    about 7:45 to 9:30, at which point I was arrested and taken off to
    jail with 60 other sisters and brothers. We spent about six-seven
    hours in a Capital Police facility, a garage, sitting all together on
    hard metal chairs while processing went on. Almost all of us were
    released by late afternoon.

    Through it all my body held up OK. I was somewhat surprised, given
    that I had almost no nourishment and just a small amount of water
    until I got out of jail and was able to get some juice.

    But my spirit was on fire yesterday. Such a great day! After months of
    planning we pulled off something the likes of which I’ve never been a
    part of. From 8 a.m. until 9:30 or 10, with action after action, we
    accomplished our objectives, which were to disrupt business as usual
    on Capitol Hill and send a message out nationally (and
    internationally) via the mass media that people are outraged that the
    U.S. Congress, almost one year after a (supposedly) new one was
    elected, has done nothing to end the war, pass strong global warming
    legislation or address the myriad of justice and survival issues
    facing the country that are worsening because of the war and the
    climate crisis.

    It began with the 10-person polar bear contingent arriving like
    clockwork right on time at 8 a.m. at the New Jersey and Independence
    Avenue intersection where the mass media, following our outreach, were
    arriving, lots of TV cameras and still cameras and reporters. The
    polar bears moved to one of the main entrances to the Cannon House of
    Representatives office building and blockaded it. When forced to move
    by the police, they continued their demonstrative action, amplified by
    a portable sound system and creative raps and music.

    Within minutes the Iraq vets group arrived to take the place of the
    polar bears blockading the same entrance. They refused to leave, and
    after 10-15 minutes arrests began.

    While these actions were taking place, on the opposite side of the
    Cannon building, 25 people part of a “Separate Oil and State” action
    were blocking another main entrance and, in turn, being arrested for it.

    Soon after the Iraq vets group were taken away, up came the Students
    for a Democratic Society contingent in their yellow Campus Climate
    Challenge t-shirts who immediately moved into the middle of
    Independence Avenue, a major through street on Capitol Hill,
    completely blocking traffic for what became 45 minutes. Chanting,
    “Resistance is Forming, No War, No Warming,” these 25 young people
    were a joy and an inspiration. The 100-150 or so people who were
    clustered along either side of the street began to chant, as the
    police moved in to start making arrests, “Arrest Bush, Not the Kids.”

    After “the kids” were moved off of Independence and were slowly
    processed and loaded onto a waiting bus, and as traffic began to move
    again on Independence, all of a sudden a second wave of activists took
    over the street and again blocked traffic. I was part of this group,
    with six young people. We were all arrested within what seemed like no
    more than 10 minutes.

    Afterwards, as I heard later, five more people were arrested,
    including three polar bears, as the police over-reacted to the second
    wave action and began pushing people away from the intersection. The
    five arrested were in the process of moving away but apparently not
    fast enough or in the correct manner for the police, and afterwards in
    the Capitol garage discussions began about taking legal action to
    challenge these illegal arrests. None of them were given any verbal
    warnings, as the law requires, that if they didn’t move they would be

    The time in the Capitol garage was memorable. For hours we talked with
    one another, we interacted with the dozens of cops watching over us,
    we sang song after song, we started discussions about what do we do
    next, and over time our righteous and joyous, if tired, spirit was
    transforming the faces, body language and actions of some of the
    police. We even succeeded by the end of the afternoon in forming
    ourselves into a circle, joining the segregated female and male sides
    of the line-up of chairs, as the stern but apparently good-hearted
    police woman in charge first told us to move back but then
    good-naturedly relented.

    And talk about inter-generational! A majority of those arrested were
    young people under 25, maybe under 22, while the grey head generation
    was respectably represented with other ages in between.

    It was a joy to be part of this action, especially with the young
    people. In the words of Ella Baker, “Young people come first, they
    have the courage where we fail, and if we can just shed some light
    while they carry us through the gale, we who believe in freedom cannot
    rest until it comes.”

    No time for resting now. The movement is building. Next up: the big
    October 27 regional peace demonstrations organized by United for Peace
    and Justice and, one weekend later, the huge, 5,000 students-or-more
    Power Shift conference at the U. of Maryland being organized by Energy
    Action. We’re on the move!

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