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  • Green Party joins Oct. 27 protests against the war; actions planned for cities across the US

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on October 25, 2007


    For Immediate Release:
    Wednesday, October 24, 2007

    Scott McLarty, Media Coordinator, 202-518-5624,
    Starlene Rankin, Media Coordinator, 916-995-3805,

    Green Party joins Oct. 27 protests against the war; actions planned for cities across the US

    WASHINGTON, DC — Green Party leaders and activists will join tens of thousands across the country on October 27 in numerous protest rallies against the occupation <>. The rallies will target Congress’s failure to heed popular opposition to the Iraq War.

    Regional events with Green Party participation on October 27:

    • Boston, Massachusetts: The Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party, along with other New England Green Parties, will have a contingent at the New England Mobilization to End the War in Iraq planned for Boston. The rally begins at noon on the Boston Common; the march at 2 pm.

    • Chicago, Illinois: Greens from multiple states will meet at Union Park (Ashland and Warren) at 11:30 am. They will petition for Green presidential candidates and participate in the 1:30 rally at Union Park, the 2:30 march to Federal Plaza, and the subsequent rally at Federal Plaza (Jackson and Dearborn).

    • Kauai, Hawaii: Greens will join other other citizens against the war at the Kapaa Public
    Library in a 4 pm rally organized by the Kauai Peace ‘Ohana in Solidarity with United for Peace and Justice. Green Party leader Claire Mortimer will speak.

    • New York City: Green Party members will join peace groups north of Union Square at noon to march down Broadway to a peace fair at Foley Square.

    • Orlando, Florida: Rally at Lake Eola (northeast corner), 12:30 – 4 pm, three-mile march from Robinson to Paramore to Church Street to Orange Avenue to Central and returning to Eola Drive and Robinson. Michael Canney, co-chair of the Green Party of Florida, will speak at the rally.

    • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Greens will participate in the Human Chain For Peace, which
    will extend from the VA Hospital on Woodland Avenue to Independence Mall, beginning at noon. At 1 pm, a march to the rally location will begin at the VA Hospital.

    • San Francisco, California: Greens from San Francisco, Santa Clara County, and throughout the Bay Area are coalition organizers for the “End the War in Iraq Day” protest, march, and ‘die-in’ in San Francisco. Protesters will meet at the
    San Francisco Civic Center at 11 am, where the list of speakers will include Cindy Sheehan, and later march to Dolores Park.

    • Seattle, Washington State: Pacific Northwest Regional ‘End the War Now’ events will begin with an assembly at Judkins Park (near 23rd and Jackson), followed by March to Occidental Park (in Pioneer Square).

    Events in other cities are listed at

    Quotes from Greens on the Iraq invasion and occupation and growing American opposition:

    • Jacqui Deveneau, Maine Green Independent Party: “Tens of billions of dollars continue to be taken from the American tax payers towards a campaign that is claiming the lives of nearly 4,000 service people and countless Iraqis. Our communities consequentially are being neglected and are suffering from lack of health care, education, and — in the Gulf Coast region — disaster relief services.”

    • Paul “zool” Zulkowitz, Green Party of New York, member of the Green Party’s Peace Action Committee (GPAX): “The Green Party has supported the work of Iraq Veterans Against War <> from its inception. The vets bring great credibility and ‘militancy’ to our antiwar movement. Helping individual Iraqis get medical attention makes antiwar work more personal, lessens the frustration of lobbying a deaf White House and dumb Congress. Furthermore, vets are inspiring peace-loving Americans
    everywhere to participate in the antiwar movement.”

    • Maryrose Asher, Secretary, Green Party of Washington State: “Our job is to build a
    principled mass anti-war movement that demands that the troops come home now. The Seattle Northwest Regional Event is sponsored by the End of War Coalition, of which the Green Party of Washington State is a participant. We encourage everyone who can to take part in this national day of protest.”


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    Pa.: video footage, blog and media coverage

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    Green Party Peace Network (GPPN)

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