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  • Squadron 13 at the October 27 march in Seattle

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on November 7, 2007

    (Report forwarded from Pacific Green Party [OR] Green Joanne Cvar)

    What could be so dangerous about a Peace Bus?

    From: Gordon Sturrock

    Here is our full report from our participation in the October 27 march in Seattle. Our experience was a bit “unique” from the other marchers.
    Squadron13 provides the story, pictures and videos on 3 web pages, you provide the popcorn.

    Highlight summary:
    1) police surveillance starts in Olympia
    2) Arrives in Seattle and accidentally finds hornets nest of police activity.
    3) Immediately quarantined, harassed and searched by Seattle Police
    4) Ordered by Seattle Police to bypass tired marchers unable to complete 2.5 mile march.
    5) Surrounded by Seattle police escort like prisoners under guard for entire march.
    5) Media black out makes downtown Seattle seem like a ghost town despite huge turnout of Peace activists for march.

    Click here for the first page:

    Squadron13 Aviation Museum
    & Flights of Thought on War and Politics –

    “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies,
    but the silence of our friends” – Martin Luther King, Jr.
    Squadron13 report – OCT 27 in SEATTLE
    The Squadron13 peace bus was “quarantined” and searched upon arrival in Seattle by local police. Despite pleas that our instructions were to assemble with other marchers at the north end of the park, we were ordered to park where we had inadvertently stumbled due to our unfamiliarity with the area. It was also unfortunately the police staging area which was not visible to the 3000+ march and rally participants who were assembled just a few blocks away. Contrary to our instructions from the parade organizers who had asked us to follow up the rear of the march and provide pick up relief for elderly and tired marchers who were unable to continue to the end of the 2.5 mile route, the police warned us that picking up or dropping off ANY passengers would be grounds for immediate removal from the march. Though we were allowed to join the march in our pre-designated rear position, we were at all times surrounded by almost a dozen police vehicles the entire length of the march! Our forced police escort kept us disappointingly far from the main group of marchers giving us a strong feeling of disclusion and a deja vu feeling that reminded us of our recent Newport Oregon experience. We were also warned in no uncertain terms that if we were to pass the police units ahead of us that they would consider that an aggressive act and that we would be treated accordingly. At numerous times during the march, tired and hurting marchers begged us to allow them onto our nearly empty bus which we were unable to accommodate due to the orders of the Seattle Police.
    There were surprisingly few observers lining the streets along the route of the march. March participants easily outnumbered them. Apparently there had been no prior coverage of the march in local media. A “media black out” had effectively prevented a well organized march from gaining its rightful supporters.

    JPEG image

    JPEG image

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