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  • Stop Mandatory ASVAB

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on November 7, 2007

    Greens – What are you doing in your states to help stop this?

    The Armed Services Vocational Battery, (ASVAB) is mandatory for tens of thousands of juniors attending public high schools throughout the
    U.S. Most states have high schools that require students to take the
    ASVAB. (See the partial list below..)

    We ought to be able to put an end to the practice of forcing high
    school children to take an exam for military purposes during school

    The military is able to waltz into hundreds, if not thousands of high
    schools across the country and force children to unload their heads
    during school hours to fill columns and rows in their recruiting
    databases!? Often, the test is administered and the public schools
    fail to identify its affiliation with the military. The ASVAB is
    arguably the military’s number one recruiting tool with more than
    650,000 children taking it in public high schools, mostly during
    school hours.

    The focus of much of our effort regarding the ASVAB has been to alert
    school systems to the possibility of selecting Option 8, which
    precludes recruiters from access to private information and test
    results gathered through the administration of the test. We should
    also concentrate on organizing resistance to the practice of
    routinely forcing our children to take this exam.

    The Army recruiter’s handbook calls for military recruiters to take
    ownership of schools. This is one way they’re doing it. The
    military sees the ASVAB as a recruiting tool. The U.S. Army
    Recruiting Command ranks each high school based on how receptive it
    is to military recruiters. Schools are awarded extra points when they
    make the ASVAB mandatory. See page 25 of this 107 page PDF, USAREC
    pub. 601-107:

    When tens of thousands of children are forced to take the ASVAB, they
    are required, against their wishes, and without the knowledge and
    consent of their parents, to sit for the test. They’re required to
    sign a privacy statement that allows the military to use test results
    and private information for recruiting purposes. Often, the military
    is able to circumvent the opt-out provision of section 9528 of the No
    Child Left Behind Act. Mandatory ASVAB testing also runs counter to
    most state laws that endeavor to protect the privacy rights of
    minors. (See this brief by the National Lawyers Guild, Los Angeles
    Chapter: 😉

    Is the ASVAB mandatory in high schools near you? Most high schools
    in South Dakota or Missouri require all juniors to take the ASVAB.
    Schools in Connecticut and Maryland typically don’t offer the test,
    and if it is offered, it’s voluntary.

    Try Googling around for a few minutes to come up with schools in your
    state or city where the ASVAB is mandatory. Try putting in (( “all
    juniors” ASVAB)) and you’ll come up with 2,000 links, many to high
    schools that force all juniors to take the test. If you enter
    ((asvab “all juniors” Missouri)) you’ll find schools that require the
    ASVAB in that state.

    Once you identify a few schools in your state where students are
    forced to take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, there
    are several things you can do to stir the pot of indignation. Write
    a letter to the state’s largest paper. Send school officials the
    article about Colfax High School.
    Write your congressional representative. Contact c-r activists
    closest to the schools and enlist them in the struggle. Attend board
    of education meeting and cause a stir. School administrators are
    like lemmings. Chain yourself to a central office filling cabinet..
    Chances are the ASVAB is mandatory in a particular school because,
    well, because it has been as long as people remember.

    The following list of states was generated in two hours of work:


    Hayden HS – Hayden, AL

    “October 5 – All Juniors take ASVAB Test”



    Kodiak HS – Kodiak Island, AK

    “Each year the federal government, the state of Alaska and our local
    assessment schedule require us to test our students. Results of these
    assessments enable us to design programs and curriculum for
    individual learners and assist us in maintaining funding for many of
    our programs. Students are encouraged to schedule doctor, dentist,
    etc. appointments for time periods other than during testing. A
    special reminder to high school students: There are no make-up dates
    for the Graduation Qualifying Examination. ASVAB for all juniors and
    interested seniors – Feb. 6.”



    McGehee HS – Mc Gehee, Arkansas

    “ASVAB – Wednesday, January 16, 2008 – All juniors and some 12th

    Kiowa, Colorado

    Kiowa High School

    “4th Quarter – Apr. 19, 2007 Oct. 25 – ASVAB – All Juniors and some


    Bronson HS Bronson, FL

    “The A.S.V.A.B will also be given to all Juniors on October 31,.
    This is a qualifier for the armed forces. It also is a good
    predictor of ACT and SAT scores. There is no need to sign up because
    all current Juniors will take the test.”


    Broad Ripple HS Indianapolis, IN (Broad Ripple is considered by
    Indiana school officials to be a “dropout factory.” The school has a
    72% graduation rate. With so many dropping out, the military prefers
    to test during Sophomore year.)

    “Sophomores will be taking the ASVAB on Monday Oct. 22 and Tuesday
    Oct. 23rd, from 7:40-10:30, in the Mini Auditorium. Testing Monday
    will be students with the last names beginning A-K, and testing
    Tuesday will be students with the last names beginning L-Z”

    Frontier High School – Chalmers, Indiana

    Tuesday, November 6: ASVAB Test for all Juniors in the Auditorium:
    8:10 a.m. – 12:00 Noon

    Winchester Community HS – Winchester, Indiana

    “Sept 19 – Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB). All
    juniors not taking the ISTEP+GQE (and seniors planning to enlist in
    any branch of the armed services) will take this achievement test and
    career interest inventory.”



    George, Iowa

    JUNIORS: All juniors will be taking the ASVAB test on Monday, Nov.
    19 from 8:30 to 11:40.



    Independence HS Independence, Kansas

    “All Juniors.”‘s/Scholarship%20and%

    Blue Valley HS – Randolph, KS

    “The ASVAB test is given to all juniors during the fall semester. The
    ASVAB is a multiple-aptitude battery that tests a student’s knowledge
    in eight areas including: general science, mathematics, word
    knowledge, paragraph comprehension, electronics information, auto and
    shop information, and mechanical comprehension. Results are presented
    on an ASVAB Summary Results sheet, a report that describes standard
    and percentile scores on individual ASVAB test, military entrance
    scores, and Career Exploration Score composites. The goal of the
    ASVAB Career Exploration Program is to give students the opportunity
    to explore a variety of careers using knowledge they have gained
    about their interests and skills through assessment components and
    structured activities.”



    Goodrich HS – Goodrich, MI

    “Name of Activity: ASVAB Testing Sponsor’s Name: Mr. Foreback & Mrs.
    Hammill, Counselors Description of Program: The Armed Service
    Vocational Aptitude Battery is a vocational aptitude test designed to
    assist students in exploring their interests, skills, and career
    explorations.Criteria/Eligibility Requirements: All juniors will
    participate in the aptitude test. No fee required.”


    Osseo High School, Osseo, MN

    “Juniors: The ASVAB Test will be given to all juniors on Wednesday,
    November 7 on a special All School Advisory day. The ASVAB results
    are used as a career exploration tool identifying students’ abilities
    and interests. Advisory teachers, CRC personnel and counselors use
    the ASVAB to identify career and academic goals with the student.”



    Loyd Star High School Brookhaven, Mississippi

    “ASVAB test will be given to ALL juniors today. (September 13, 2007)
    It will start at 7:50 and last about 3 hours. Juniors will report
    directly to testing room; absentees will be counted there.”



    Logan-Rogersville HS Rogersville, MO

    ASVAB – All Juniors



    Malcolm, HS, Malcolm, Nebraska

    “All juniors took the ASVAB on Wednesday morning, August 29, 2007.”


    North Dakota:

    Adams-Edmore HS – Edmore ND

    “The ASVAB for ALL juniors will be tomorrow at 8:30. Bobby Buzick
    from the National Guard will be proctoring this test. Please be
    respectful to him as he is doing me a favor! You will only need
    your brain for this test!”



    Ardmore HS – Ardmore, OK
    “The ASVAB test is scheduled for all juniors on November 29 at SOTC.”



    Union HS, Rimersburg

    The ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) will be
    administered to all juniors on Thursday, October 18, in the high
    school cafeteria. This is a mandatory test and is one component of
    the Senior Project.

    Middleburg HS Middleburg, PA

    All juniors and any interested seniors will be given the Armed
    Services Vocational
    Aptitude Battery on October 12 during periods 1-4. This test is an
    outstanding aptitude battery and is mandatory for anyone planning to
    enter the military. Contact Mr. King for information.


    South Dakota:

    Grant-Deuel H.S. Revillo, SD

    “ASVAB test today for all Juniors”

    Garretson, HS Garretson, South Dakota

    ASVAB-This is a career exploration assessment given by the military
    to all Juniors on Sept. 25. There is no cost for this exam.

    Harrisburg HS Harrisburg, SD

    “The ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) will be given
    October 30 (Tuesday) to all juniors attending Harrisburg. This three
    hour aptitude and interest assessment helps students to see how their
    interests, abilities, and personal preferences match civilian or
    military career opportunities. All of the students tested will
    receive a copy of “Exploring Careers” which can help students
    determine what careers match their interests and abilities. Also,
    each student tested is given an Access Number which will allow them
    to do more career exploration at the ASVAB website:”

    Milbank HS Milbank, SD (They forgot to mention it has anything to
    do with the military!)

    “All Juniors will take the ASVAB on September 18th at 8:30. If there
    are seniors who would like to re-take or take the test, they will
    need to let Miss Lundborg know.
    The ASVAB Career Exploration Program is intended for 10th, 11th, and
    12th grades, as well as students in postsecondary schools. Taking
    the ASVAB can help you regardless of your future plans after high
    school. The ASVAB Career Exploration Program provides you with career
    exploration scores which can help you determine your readiness for
    further education and training in different career areas. Knowing
    your academic strengths and weaknesses now gives you time to work to
    improve them before you start a job, begin a college or technical
    school, or enter the military. The ASVAB will test over the following
    eight areas: General Science, Arithmetic Reasoning, Word Knowledge,
    Paragraph Comprehension, Mathematics Knowledge, Electronics
    Information, Auto and Shop Information, and Mechanical Comprehension”



    Whitwell HS in Marion County requires all Juniors to take the ASVAB.

    Juniors at Blackman High School in Murfreesboro, TN must take the
    ASVAB this Friday, October 26th.

    East Tennessee State University University School Johnson City, TN
    “All Sophomores and Juniors”



    Skowhegan Area High School, Skowhegan, Maine

    “All juniors will take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery
    (ASVAB) on September 18. This is an excellent aptitude test
    regardless of interest in the military.”



    Fazee-Vergas HS Frazee, M

    “Juniors will complete the ASVAB career inventory on September 19.”



    Logan-Rogersville HS Rogersville, MO

    ASVAB – All Juniors

    Purdy HS Purdy, MO

    ASVAB – All Juniors, October 24th

    Bucklin HS Bucklin, MO

    November 5, 2007 – ASVAB Testing for all Juniors

    Ash Grove HS Ash Grove, MO

    “The ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) consists of
    eight short
    individual tests covering general science, arithmetic reasoning, word
    knowledge, auto
    and shop information, and mechanical comprehension. It is designed to
    help each student
    learn more about themselves and the world of work. It aids them in
    identifying their
    strengths and weaknesses and helps to narrow down their interests and
    match those
    interests with possible careers. The ASVAB will be given to all
    juniors on Thursday,
    November 15, 2007.”



    White Sulpher Springs White Sulpher Springs, MT

    WEDNESDAY: The ASVAB will be administered to all juniors today
    beginning at 8:35 a.m. All juniors should report to Room 9.


    Rock County HS Bassett, NE
    Oct 18 – ASVAB Testing all Juniors 8:15-11:15 A.M.
    Crofton HS – Crofton Nebraska

    “All juniors will be taking ASVAB test Tuesday, September 7th
    starting at 8:40 a.m. in the commons.”


    North Carolina:

    Chocowinity, NC

    Southside HS
    “ASVAB TEST: no cost; All juniors are required to take this test.”



    Mapleton HS Ashland Ohio

    “ASVAB – All Juniors”

    New Richmond High School, New Richmond, Ohio

    “On Friday, November 9th all juniors will take the ASVAB test. All
    juniors are required to take this for career skills assessment.”

    Milton Union HS West Milton, OH

    “The ASVAB test is given to all Juniors for the purpose of career
    guidance. The military gives this aptitude test free of charge and
    uses the information in the case of a student considering the



    Avery HS – Avery HS

    “The ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) will be given
    to all 11th graders on October 18th. This test is a valuable tool for
    career guidance and in no way obligates the student for military

    Spring Hill High School Longview, TX
    “The ASVAB will be given to all juniors on November 16.”

    West Virginia:

    Wheeling Central Catholic HS
    “ASVAB Test for all Juniors – periods 1-4 in the cafeteria, Nov. 30.”


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