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  • Cynthia McKinney Visits Maine

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on November 10, 2007

    Cynthia McKinney recently visited Maine as part of her “Power to the People” Campaign. Ms. McKinney has formally registered as a Green and will be vying for the Green Party of the United States Presidential Candidacy. Visiting Maine also was SKCM Curry, California Green, who is seeking the GPUS Vice-Presidential nomination.

    Photos and Report Submitted by Jacqui Deveneau

    Cynthia McKinney pulled into Portland,Maine in the late afternoon on Election Day to stand at the local polls in support of John Anton, a Portland Green running for one of the seats for City Councilor. She then attended the Victory party for John Anton, as he won the seat, giving the Greens 3 out of 9 seats on the Portland City Council.
    Cynthia was accompanied by her Campaign Manager Lucy and David one of the Greens working closely on her campaign.
    I sat at a table with all of them and Morgen D’Arc, a Portland Green who was the founder of the Green Party’s Women’s Caucus and Pat LaMarche, the Maine gal who ran with David Cobb as his Vice Presidential candidate.
    For those, like myself, who know the strength of the Green Women’s Power in this Party it was quite an evening.
    The next morning Jane Meisenbach, the Maine Green Independent Party’s Chair of the Board, hosted a fund raising breakfast for Cynthia, who was also Jane’s house guest the night before.
    Though most of the folks attending were Greens there were others who weren’t. Bruce Gagnon was one of them, he being the Director of the International “Watch Dog Group” Global Network.
    After listening to Cynthia he made an announcement that he was going to register Green so he could vote for her. I have also had other folks whom I have contacted say they too will register Green and when you have folks like Bruce doing something like that they bring with them many wonderful hard working folks.
    If your state has not had Cynthia come speak yet you need to make arrangements. And if you have any extra frequent flyer miles that you can donate to her campaign please contact her campaign [click on the Run Cynthia Run,link at the top and you will reach both a place to join the campaign, but also be able to contact her]
    I have been working hard in this Party since 2000 and I have never felt the hope that Cynthia is bringing. She is a Power House and has so many great Green ideas on so many levels

    SKCM Currey lunchSKCM Currey and Morgen D’ArcPat LaMarche and Cynthia McKinneyJohn Anton,David Marshal,Cynthia McKinney and Pat LaMarcheCynthia, Chris, and Pat LaMarcheCynthia talking to Maine FolksCynthia and DavidLucy modeling shirt2lucy-modeling-campaign-shirt-2.jpg


    One Response to “Cynthia McKinney Visits Maine”

    1. johnofsilence said

      Open the debates! First one is Friday!

      I’m not a bot, I know you care about the democracy of our government, so we need to get this done. There are 6 Presidential candidates this year all of which are qualified and capable of winning, so why are there only 2 people on the debate! Bigotry, two party bias! Let’s flood the email inbox and the phone lines with: Open the Debates.

      It takes 5 mins. Please help me make a difference . Below is a script but please feel free to appropriately modify it to support your candidate .

      Step one:

      Call Barack Obama at 866-675-2008.
      Hit 6 to speak with a campaign volunteer.
      Once connected, politely deliver the following message:

      Hi, my name is …

      I was wondering if Senator Obama, being a believer in equal opportunity and equal rights, could insist that Cynthia Mckinney and other ballot qualified third party candidates be included in the upcoming Presidential debates?
      After all, Cynthia Mckinney is on 34 state ballots.
      And she’s polling well nationwide. And he could help Senator Obama challenge the corporate Republicans.
      True, Cynthia Mckinney would critique Senator Obama for his corporate ties also. But isn’t that what democracy is about? Could you please leave this message for the campaign manager? Thank you.

      Step two:

      E-mail Janet Brown, the executive director of the Commission on Presidential Debates.

      Here’s a sample e-mail:

      Dear Janet Brown:

      Greetings. You must be busy. Preparing for the first Presidential debate this Friday. So, I won’t take much of your time. Just wanted to let you know that the American people were not born yesterday. We know the deal. Take that little private corporation that you run. Controlled by the two corporate parties. And funded by big business. For the purpose of excluding independent minded candidates. Friday, two Wall Street candidates are scheduled to be in the ring. Barack Obama and John McCain. The one candidate who represents the American people, Main Street, if you will, will be on the outside looking in. So, here’s a simple request. Drop your exclusionary restrictions. And let Cynthia Mckinney into the debates.
      It will be good for your conscience. Good for the American people. (I believe it was The League of Women Voters that called your corporatized debates “campaign-trail charades devoid of substance, spontaneity, and honest answers to tough questions.”) And good for democracy. Let the American people have a real debate for once. Main Street vs. Wall Street.

      Thank you.

      your name.

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