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  • Green Party member arrested, beaten, facing possible deportation over immigrant rights protest

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on November 13, 2007

    Written by Ben Manski , taken from the GPUS Affairs List:

    A Madison-area Green – Juan Esteban Ruiz – was arrested yesterday at a an no-borders protest in Caliexico, California. Juan joined the Greens several years back while he was in high school, and helped with local campaigns and anti-war work. He has been on the road – in New Orleans and elsewhere – since then, always helping at the front lines of the
    struggle. Those of us who have worked with Juan know him as a giving, poetic, gentle, and dedicated community member.

    If you watch the video below, you will see that the police brutality begins with an unprovoked snatch-and-grab of a young Latino man playing a drum. That is Juan being arrested and beaten. The agents then open fire with pepper spray pellets (which are quite dangerous) and begin beating other activists.

    Please watch the video and make the calls that Wendy urges, further
    below. Thank you.
    – Ben Manski



    dear all,
    please help and call today!
    juan is in dire trouble and might be deported or worse!

    yesterday juan was at a protest at the no borders camp in caliexico calif
    and was arrested along with two others and now is in the imperial county
    they are going to take him to the detention center in el centro tomorrow!
    he has old legal problems that were never cleared up and is not a u.s.
    and that is compounded by his medical situation, he is schizophrenic and
    to take medications every day.
    he is a legal resident alien with a green card but they want to deport him.
    (he was born in colombia but grew up in madison, wi )

    i talked to the no borders legal person, walt, and he said they have a
    lawyer and are
    working on things, but that it might help if people call the jail
    and tell them
    1) juan is schizophrenic and needs his medications and
    2) he lives here (in the u.s.) he grew up in madison since he was 4
    yrs old, hes a good kid, he has family and friends in madison (his
    mother, grandmother, sister, cousins all are here), etc anything good
    and usa connected.

    the imperial calif county jail number is

    760 – 339 – 6311
    his full name is juan esteban ruiz, but there is some mixup and
    i think they have him down as ivan esteban ruiz.

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Abe salomon <asal206 at>
    Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2007 17:24:40 +0000


    NOBC Breaking News: Severely Beaten Prisoners Denied Medical Attention
    by salaud
    Monday Nov 12th, 2007 8:14 AM
    Phone contact was made with the three brutalized No Borders Camp
    prisoners early this morning from jail in El Cento. Much information
    came to light, including the fact that they were refused medical
    treatment after repeated requests…this being contrary to what was
    told to the Legal Support Team by Border Patrol agents at Border
    Patrol station at around 11pm, who said “They (the prisoners) have
    refused further medical treatment.”
    It seems likely that at least two of the badly beaten protestors will
    be released on their own recognizance today. However, one of the
    prisoners may have immigration status hurdles to overcome. The charges
    might likely be assault against a federal agent.

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