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  • Update on Juan Estaban Ruiz

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on November 14, 2007

    Update on Green Party member who was arrested, beaten, and facing possible deportation over immigrant rights protest

    Greens, please support in any way you can:

    Written by Ben Manski , taken from the GPUS Affairs List:


    dear all,
    thank you so much for all your support! so far about 20 or 30 people have called the jail, so it is clear people know about juan and he has connections elsewhere in the
    country, so that is good. i still haven’t gotten word as to whether he has received his
    medications for his serious chronic condition, for which he needs medications every day. we tried to have the dr. here in madison, wi fax info to the jail in imperial county, ca, but don’t know the result.
    the hearing in federal court is today and we still don’t know exactly what the charges are (it could be anything in a range from disorderly conduct to assaulting a federal officer, and could be something to be thrown out or something to get him a prison sentence and deportation). we have a lawyer who will be with him today in court and who sounds
    quite competent and knows the system and the people in the area very
    once the federal charges have been dealt with in one way or another, we have to worry about the immigration aspect. because of homeland security keeping us safe from terrorists, our freedoms, and other horrors, people like juan who are good contributing persons can get rounded up and booted out of the country because of bogus profiling
    type things that happened many years ago and have nothing to do with now, and never were a threat to anyone anyway. we have the names of a couple of immigration lawyers and abe and laurel have talked to them and so i think we will be able to have a good lawyer when the time comes. i am so worried, because deportation is basically a death
    sentence. if juan were deported, he wouldn’t be getting his medications, he doesn’t speak spanish well, he doesn’t know people in colombia, plus his mother has told me hair raising stories of colombia, of her neighbors being shot or disappeared, by soldiers/police, drug dealers, rebels, — things aren’t exactly nice and peaceful there. i haven’t talked to juan today, so i don’t know how he is doing, but he said he would try to call me later today.

    there is a general legal defense fund that is going to help out juan and has helped out many other activists in the past. to donate, make out checks to:
    GDC Legal Defense Fund
    P.O. Box 2442
    Madison, WI 53701

    or send/drop off checks for the “GDC Legal Defense Fund”
    in care of the Madison Infoshop,
    1019 Williamson St. #B,
    Madison, WI 53703
    questions: call the infoshop at 608 262-9036.
    Whatever funds the GDC raises that are not exhausted in defense of Juan will be part of the revolving fund for the next person who gets targetted for their political activities.



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