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  • Antiwar Victory Rally & Press Conference – Green Party Member Wins Court Case for Distrupting Petraeus Hearings

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on July 1, 2008


    Antiwar Victory Rally & Press Conference

    Tuesday, July 1, 8:00 AM
    Washington DC Superior Court, 500 Indiana Avenue NW

    June 30, Washington DC

    Paul “zool.” Zulkowitz of Woodmere, New York, represented by antiwar attorney Ann Wilcox, won an agreement with the United States Government today.

    Zool voiced opposition during the General David Petraeus hearings before the Senate Armed Services Committee, chaired by Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI), on April 8, 2008.  Zool stood up and chanted “Bring them home, bring them home!” . . . ,was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor count of disruption of Congress. Rather than a jury trial, and possible 6 months in jail, Zool walked out of the courtroom with a diversion agreement and a dismissal of the stay-way order from Capitol Hill.

    Contrary to Sen. Levin’s view, citizens attending a public hearing are not an ‘audience’,=94  Zool said.  Though I might have considered the Petraeus hearing to be a farce, the Committee is ‘doing the people’s business,’ and citizens, members of the public, have a responsibility to hold elected representatives accountable for the way they do the people’s business.

    An antiwar press conference and victory rally will be held on Tuesday, July1, 2008, at 8:00 AM, at Superior Court of the District of Columbia, 500 Indiana Avenue NW, Washington.

    Invited speakers include Desiree Ali-Fairooz of Code Pink (whose high-profile confrontation with Condoleezza Rice was seen around the world), Washington DC based activist and artist David Barrows, Iraq Veterans against the War (IVAW) leaders Sgts. Adam Kokesh and Geoff Millard, Col. Ann Wright (Ret.), Brian Becker of ANSWER, Malachy Kilbride, President of the Board of Directors of the Washington Peace Center, Code Pink co-founder Gael Murphy, and DC Statehood Green leader Adam Eidinger.

    Ann Wilcox of the National Lawyers Guild, stated that:  The offer of dismissal before judgment is a victory, because the Government does not necessarily want to expend the time and resources for a jury trial.  Further, the Government may not want to provide a forum for antiwar views in the Court of Public Opinion.

    The rally will begin at 8:00 am, with the press conference to be held at 8:30 a.m.  Speakers will make brief remarks, followed by questions from the press.   Jay Marx, co-coordinator of the Washington Peace Center, will emceethe Antiwar Victory Rally.

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