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  • Archive for the ‘key values’ Category

    October 17th anti-war Actions

    Posted by dlt on October 11, 2009

    Greens around the country will be taking the Green Party Peace Message to the streets in a national day of action to protest US wars in Afghanistan and Iraq

    Taken from the GPUS National Discussion List:

    The ‘Green Party Stands for PEACE’ will be the sign that will be carried at the peace vigil in Dayton next Saturday. We asking Green National Committee Delegates and party members to participate in some action or event on Saturday, October 17th. Some cities have active coalitions who are mobilizing. But in most cities and towns there may not be any organized effort. In those areas you may want to plan some event or action either in coalition with other groups or as the Green Party. In Dayton, we are planning 2 street vigils/protests. A small action will be better than none.

    We hope to have a follow up to Oct. 17 th. with a conference call to talk about the party’s roll in the peace movement and how we can move things forward. We believe peace education and direct actions go hand in hand.

    The GPCO is participating in:

    8 Years in Afghanistan: The Human Cost

    Join us for Eyes Wide Open, the Human Cost of War, As there are
    commemorations all around the world to mark this chilling anniversary, we will be participating in Denver with the Eyes Wide Open Exhibit

    Saturday, October 17, 2009
    9 am – 2pm

    At noon there will be a special remembrance of lives lost in Afghanistan and Iraq, both civilian and military.

    The location is the public space between the library and the art museum in downtown Denver. 10 W 14th Ave Parkway

    North Country Greens will be having a small action at the post office in Marquette,Michigan on October 17th with signs against the wars and slogans such as “Health Care not Warfare – Green Party.” (We spent September focusing on vigiling for HR 676.) Not muchfoot traffic for leafletting, but lots of car traffic at the intersection to see our signs and two Green Party green banners.

    October 17th is an opportunity to get “peace” and “Green Party” connected in folks’ minds, and to point out that both the Democrats and Republicans are war parties, despite
    Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize. Even small actions are important. Let’s do it, Greens!

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    GPUS Endorses October 17 actions

    Posted by dlt on September 15, 2009

    The Green Party of Ohio has voted to endorse the October 17, 2009 peace
    actions being called by the National Assembly to End the Iraq and
    Afghanistan Wars and Occupations.

    October 17 Local and Regional Actions (

    October has several dates with significance for the peace movement.
    October, 2009 will mark the eighth year of the U.S. war in Afghanistan and
    seven years since Congress passed the resolution authorizing war against
    Iraq. In addition, October commemorates the 40th anniversary of the
    Vietnam Moratorium that brought hundreds of thousands into the streets to
    protest the war.Designate October 17 as a day for mass rallies, marches,
    coordinated local and regional demonstrations and other forms of protest
    with unequivocal antiwar demands:Immediately and unconditionally
    withdrawal all U.S. troops, military personnel, bases, contractors and
    mercenaries from Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan!End U.S. support for the
    Israeli occupation of Palestine! End to the siege against Gaza!U.S. hands
    off Iran and North Korea!Self-determination for all oppressed nations and
    peoples!End war crimes, including torture!


    We insist on the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all U.S.
    troops, military personnel, bases, contractors and mercenaries from Iraq,
    Afghanistan and Pakistan. We demand an immediate end to all U.S. support
    for the Israeli occupation of Palestine and the ongoing siege against Gaza
    and the Palestinian people. We oppose sanctions,threats of war, and
    attacks against Iran, North Korea, Somalia, or any other nation, whose
    right to self-determination is under assault by Washington’s aggressive
    drive for hegemony. We strongly oppose interference in the internal
    affairs of these countries, as well as Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia and any
    other nation targeted by the U.S. government for political
    destabilization. The lopsided vote by the U.S. House of Representatives –
    368-60 – on May 14, 2009 approving the Obama administration’s request for
    $97 billion for U.S. military operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan
    and the Senate’s follow-up vote on June 18, 2009 approving by a 91-5
    majority $105.9 billion for the same purpose make clear the bipartisan
    support for continuation of the wars and occupations. It also underscores
    why an independent, unified, mass action antiwar movement is needed now
    more than ever. We support without equivocation the right of all oppressed
    nations and peoples to self-determination, whether in the Middle East or
    in other parts of the world, such as Haiti.

    We stand in solidarity with working people, their unions and allies, and
    so we demand that the trillions being spent on wars and the military be
    diverted to the support of homeowners, the opening of plants to create new
    green jobs instead of seeing them shut down, and preventing the slashing
    of urgently needed social programs.


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    Human Rights Rally – Green Party of Utah Member featured speaker

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on April 23, 2008

    Green Party of Utah Desert Greens Co-Coordinator and Co-Founder of the Green Party Peace Network Deanna Taylor spoke at the Human Rights Torch Relay Rally on Sunday, April 20, 2008 in Salt Lake City. the speech, and the entire program, had to be cut short due to frigid conditions.

    See more video and photos at Dee’s ‘Dotes.

    by Deanna “Dee” Taylor

    Greetings from the Green Party of Utah Desert Greens, the Green Party of the UnitedStates, and the Green Party Peace Network.

    The count down to the 2008 Olympics in China has brought with it assurances by the Chinese government that the development of human rights would be strengthened. However the Chinese government continues to restrict its citizens? fundamental rights, including freedom of expression, freedom of association, and freedom of religion. Labor rights, Children?s rights, Women’s rights, and access to health care to patients with HIV/AIDS, a very serious health issue in China, all are also compromised by the restrictions on the people living under the Chinese regime.

    I will focus, today, though, on the how the Chinese government engages in human rights abuses by virtue of its unregulated environmental practices. Read the rest of this entry »

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    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on April 19, 2008

    Green Party of Utah Desert Greens Member Deanna Taylor will deliver a speech on the environmental injustices in China.

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    Before you enlist….

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on January 23, 2008

    ….watch this video:

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    Tell your school board a thing or two about ASVAB testing in schools.

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on January 23, 2008

    Forwarded from Maryland Green Party member Pat Elder who is very active in the United for Peace and Justice Anti-Recruitment Campaign

    The Green Party Platform Section on Education contains this statement:  “The Leave No Child Behind Act must be repealed, especially the section that gives the military access to student records.”

    Tue, 22 Jan 2008

    We held a spirited demonstration yesterday at the corporate headquarters of Lockheed Martin in suburban Washington to honor Dr. Martin Luther King and to draw attention to Lockheed’s insidious record. Lockheed produces the Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS). Each MLRS can fire up to 12 rockets at
    once, and each rocket contains 644 M77 submunitions, or cluster bombs. Each
    bomblet can kill up to a 12 foot radius. The damn things don’t all explode
    and innocent children are regularly killed by these devices produced by my
    Lockheed neighbor..

    I helped to organize the event and 30 of us proceeded to the empty compound
    where we were met by 26 heavily armed police officers assembled at the front
    gate of the weaponeer. We made brief speeches invoking the memory of the
    slain civil rights leader and we noted that Bush administration officials
    defended the use of cluster munitions at the U.N. last week.

    It was a brief protest. After all, it was cold and no one was listening
    anyway. Then it hit me.

    I walked away from the demonstration with two heavily-bundled activists
    carrying their signs about Lockheed and the war and I asked them if they’d
    received my emails about sending a letter to their school board about the
    ASVAB. They’d received the emails but they were uncomfortable about sending
    the letter. I couldn’t decipher exactly why they were so reluctant to get
    involved in this campaign. These are folks who have been arrested on
    several occasions because of their passionate beliefs, but felt
    uncomfortable about sending a letter to their school board. One told me she
    felt she didn’t understand the nuances of the issue sufficiently to take a
    stand that way. The other said he wasn’t “one to send letters.” When I
    explained that the work was already done and all they had to do was click on
    a few links to familiarize themselves with the issue, they both responded
    that they were more comfortable sticking with the street protests. Read the rest of this entry »

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    Answers from a Green to a 14 year old on Voting

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on January 13, 2008

    A 14 year old student recently interviewed Maine Green on Voting as part of her Civics class. The questions she asked:

    1. What are some things you consider when you are choosing a candidate?
    2. What are some things you would want the candidate to do or change after becoming president?
    3. Do you think that one vote can make a difference and why?
    4. Through all the years you’ve been voting how has the process changed?
    5. What party do you belong to and why?
    6. How long have you been voting and why?
    And the answers that were given:

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